Win Word in Trophy - Burst of Stars FireworksWith a competition with a focus upon thinking and learning, we have managed to secure the following generous gifts, including inspiring events, and opportunities to talk with published authors about your work. 

1st Prize

  • Free place at #Medialit14, a week-long intensive course at St John’s College, Durham University, designed for anyone concerned to connect Christian faith with communication in a digital age, taught by the CODEC team and guests. This takes place in June 2014.
  • Free place at the Christian New Media Conference: hear from 25 expert speakers in an event run by Premier Christian Media with CODEC. The date is 9th November 2013.
  • 1 hour Skype with Sheridan Voysey, most recently author of Resurrection Year, for a mutually agreed date from mid-November, when the author returns from his book tour in Australia. Sheridan can also provide a review of the winner’s (future) book idea or proposal, including up to three chapters of a book.
  • 1 hour Skype with Vicky Walker, author of Do I have to be good all the time, for a mutually agreed date and time.
  • 3 books relating to topic
  • Publication in Christian Writer magazine, at discretion of editor
  • Year free ACW membership

2nd prize

  • 2 books relating to topic
  • Year ACW membership

3rd prize

  • 1 book relating to topic
  • Year ACW membership

Lucky Dip

Runners up 

  • Two runners up will get ‘honourable mentions’ in any post competition publicity.
Small Print: The event prizes cover the cost of entry only, not transport/accommodation, for which the winner is responsible. The book prizes can be posted to a destination within the UK only, and please be aware that most ACW events are UK based. All entrants will be considered for future publications on The BIGBible Project and elsewhere as appropriate.
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Competition ClosesOctober 7th, 2013
Get your blog posts in on time!
What’s all this?

A blog post writing competition on the theme of Christian Writing in a Digital Age.

Entrants should write a blog post reflecting on the theme of no more than 450 words. Each post should include something to do with writing, something to do with faith and something to do with the digital age.

Entries should be emailed to

Deadline is October 7th 2013.

Click on the 'Competition' tab for more details.

This blog is managed by Bex Lewis (of the BIGBible Project) and Lucy Mills (of the Association of Christian Writers).

As this is a competition, 'entry' content is under the control of individual writers and is posted as it is sent to us. We take no responsibility for opinions, quality or amending typos!

Win a FREE place at #CNMAC13
Win a FREE place at #CNMAC13, 9th November 2013
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