The Association of Christian Writers and The BIGBible Project have launched a blog post writing competition on the theme of Christian Writing in a Digital Age, designed as a teaching and learning opportunity, rather than a showcase of previous work. The competition launched on July 1st 2013, and will close on October 7th 2013.

bexlewiskccoDr Bex Lewis, Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning, CODEC, St John’s, Durham University, who is judging the competition, says:

We live in an age where every aspect of our lives is profoundly affected by the digital, whether we are aware of it or not. As a Christian I want to see us living 24/7 for God, in the spaces in which we engage – online and offline, taking time to think about what that means, and sharing those insights with others. What does it mean to be a Christian writer in the digital age?

There are range of excellent prizes which have been generously donated by CODEC, Premier Christian Media, Sheridan Voysey, Vicky Walker, Digital Fingerprint, and the Association of Christian Writers.


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Competition ClosesOctober 7th, 2013
Get your blog posts in on time!
What’s all this?

A blog post writing competition on the theme of Christian Writing in a Digital Age.

Entrants should write a blog post reflecting on the theme of no more than 450 words. Each post should include something to do with writing, something to do with faith and something to do with the digital age.

Entries should be emailed to competitions@christianwriters.org.uk.

Deadline is October 7th 2013.

Click on the 'Competition' tab for more details.

This blog is managed by Bex Lewis (of the BIGBible Project) and Lucy Mills (of the Association of Christian Writers).

As this is a competition, 'entry' content is under the control of individual writers and is posted as it is sent to us. We take no responsibility for opinions, quality or amending typos!

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