ENTRY: The Sticky Web of the Digital Age

Entered by Melanie McDonald.

In a world full of Matrix type connections, where we can survive in a parallel universe, which we can make as true to real life as we so desire; where is the standards for Christians? Where do we fit in with in a world of tweeting, Facebook, and almost complete freedom to write anything that we desire?

The amount of content, both actuate and that which is somewhat lacking truth, available online is phenomenal. You can type any seemingly mundane word into any search engine you like and you are presented with thousands if not millions of results.

When we become Christians, should we be equipped with some sort of spyware or anti-virus software for our minds? Should we be given the tools and armour to resist getting caught in the sticky web of the digital age? Or should be educated as to how to use this platform for the greater good?

I have been blogging for a little over a year and I have read some biblical, life giving, soul strengthening words straight from the God breathed book. But because of the freedom and anonymity of the Internet, I have also read some statements and ideas, which are not in line with God. We do not have a standard or a place for correction for these ideas, we can lose the community value of Christianity and become an isolated island, floating alone and spewing words of inadequacy to describe our faith and our God.

Social media has become an outlet for people to air their dirty laundry; it has become a way of keeping people at arms length and not allowing anything more than superficial relationships. We can abuse platforms like twitter and Facebook and use them for our own self seeking, pity party; you can even make events and create a guest list if you wish.

Instead of this, should we not be using our online voices to proclaim all that is true? All that is God? All that is good? Should we be making a ministry out of our online presence? Instead of posting about our latest weekday chat show type drama or what we are eating, should we be posting about other more pressing matters, such as; How good God is?

How easy would it be for us to maintain our online  ‘Christian persona’? What about when we have bad days and struggle? Should we post them or keep our struggles and doubts to ourselves? How do we go about keeping it real and authentic online? Answers on a postcard, or lets be more realistic, you are more likely to send me a tweet.



Lucy is a writer and editor based in the UK. She is author of Forgetful Heart: Remembering God in a Distracted World (2014) and Undivided Heart: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ (coming 2017) - both published by DLT books.

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